Mrs. Murphy's Confession

You guys.... We just wrapped up a (long) four day shoot for the short film Mrs. Murphy's Confession. I had the challenging opportunity to be behind the camera as part of the crew this round. And happy to do it! It was tough and I sweat more than a human should sweat around working professionals. The good news is (I think) everyone else was in the same boat. New Mexico summers are next level. At certain points I felt challenged mentally and spiritually, certainly physically, and all because my ego had begun to think my position creatively was not being valued. HELLO?! I'm here guys, I'm an actor! I allowed my self esteem to be compromised by the idea that I held less value as a teammate if people couldn't, or I suppose weren't, seeing me for what I felt like I had to offer as an actress. It was a weird combination of ups and downs. No matter how much I actually, truly, enjoyed my tasks at hand. Here's the deal... it's important that we check in with ourselves when our sensitive egos creep into our minds and challenge how much we feel we are worth based upon how we think people should view us. I quickly realized I am more than one thing, I am more than just an actress. And I truly enjoy helping people. My time on this brief set was part of a bigger purpose God has for me, no matter how much I think I know what's best for me. The crew I was fortunate enough to learn under was humbling. They work so hard. They are so interesting and funny and they welcomed me as part of their team. I am a better person for having spent four days with these people. I wouldn't have it any other way. The actors cast are AMAZING.... and PERFECT! I would have never have been offered the position as WEDDING PLANNER for this amazing woman had I not stepped up to the plate and worked my butt off on this set. I guess, all I'm trying to say is... enjoy each moment. Check in with yourself and be honest with how you are feeling, and be open to the possibility that something SO AMAZING is happening right in front of you, if you only allow it. OH, and look out for this film. It's gorgeous. Seriously, Catherine and Harry are brilliant actors. Ariel Rakes is a genius behind the camera. Ryan Turri knows exactly how to give you feels. And Rebekah Wiggins is the boss that held it all together.